development of india should reflect in villages

India is a country of villages and villages only. If any one claims that we have progressed it is urban development only and not the complete Nation. After all Bangalores IT mastery has not created any employment or living means for rural poor. I am not just accusing please. Mumbai’s share bazaar is not the index for countries properity, I mean rural progress.

If a day comes with poeple not migrating to urban center for searching living means, rural population gets good communication, roads, sanitation and they never look to urban areas for their betterment, yes that is real development.

The hardnuts of educating rural mass for their own well being is a tough task which the government can never do with only financial means. It is only the voluntary organisations or NGOs with firm commitment can do something.

Rural delopment must be taken as index of India’s development. It is not mere pumping money. The development is totally on papers. Spending money on road repairs, housing, schools etc without actual involvement of the villagers always leads to misuse. It should by monitored by them for their own use.

There are stray stories of some developments here and there. How many Anna Hajaare’s are possible ? the rural mass is too big and diverisfied. But there is no short cut. We should achieve that. That is the only and ultimate goal – because that is real India.

Hope that a right time and right spirit will emergeout.

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