Kannada sangha

Dear kannadigas,


As you all know for various reasons kannadigas are apreaded all over the world. I think we must make best use of this platform to have e-get together to enable easy informaiton interchange. It has lot many advantages which are needless to describe here as all of you know.

Lets make a begining.

— Gurgaon Kannada Sangha

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  1. Dr.S P Padmaprasad

    Yes,i agree with the point. Kannadigas are not making enough efforts to rise up their merits over others.Many other language people are doing it. As a result, Merit of Kannada is always under estimated. So, also, Kannadigas are. Let this forum provide for open submission of articles in Kannada, with the only condition that they should not be against national interest.

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