Sending email in Kannada Unicode

Q: I have Win XP and Office 2003. Please tell me how do I send email in Kannada Unicode using Gmail or Yahoo employing Baraha?

A: Since you already have Win XP, you need not use Baraha for typing in Kannada Unicode. Win XP has built-in keyboard layout for Kannada. You need to just enable that. Please read the tutorials on enabling and typing in Indian languages. The method is the same for Kannada. The built-in keyboard layout of Win XP is Inscript. If you want to use additional layouts, you can download the IME from BhashaIndia web-site. This IME will give you KGP (Karnataka Govt Prescribed), typewriter and English transliteration layouts. The last two are similar to what you get in Baraha. If you want you can also use Baraha Direct in Unicode mode. Next question is how to send email in Kannada Unicode. Use IE6. Set UTF-8 for encoding under View > Encoding. Select the Kannada keyboard layout and type in Kannada in Gmail or Yahoo. Send your email. The recipient must have Unicode enabled system to read your mail in Kannada. Gmail supports Kannada text in subject line also.

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    how to send kannada e.mails??

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