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For Children

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A u ~}[ pgd곪v ~ A } ag dֶsD{Mp ~p갩]p yK ypX}p kk E}Q }vⰰyK EyK. d_ Jy O} dp⶷[. gⷳ %}X}X kpg[ Odⰻp{Mp. p{P %~Zg{Mp %g}Q ~pRp gp⬪{ XdK~ⰻK{Mp. A{p A u %Tp UJgdΰ. {ⷳ[ ~pRp aRg Epy갩 dxKp⶷[. yW }Q~Zg}Q Aꩵ⬪{ g]ⰻK{Mp.

``py{[ U[ 곩g pollution}Q %{p pollution}Q. Eک {ꩵ} a{ y d{ ysD. m}gg ~Zuyy]{ g| E[ dxX. %[, yW } ⰰ{갩 d g곩Tp kyp....''

~p갩]p} o XfX} d yvp{ ypX ``%[ ~p갩, o %갩d{[ pollution}Q E[ %? E[ Toxic Waste U[ 곩gyK %? E[} m}g Bottle p}Q d dyp %y }Q %~Z? }W E{ m}fX} gx}g yg곪vZ, E{[ %z d\{''.

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~p갩]p Engineering {XX ⰰ, {xgp Engineering College }[ %|X~d} }ַ" d {M. %{ ⰶ[ p{W}p}Q aR {{M. {{ {[갩 y}Q Z ~Z uX m}}. dp{ }pƾ{ Qyd곩yKp {XXd" %갩dd" 곩g a{ {dֵ {g, ~p갩]pg a{ A{곩} ~L. Upv { g}Q dp{d곪v ~p{ꩵ{[ ʩ} v{ {XXd" yvdg{. A{p, Ey {dֵ}Q d{d\ EDƷ[. p{W}곪g yⰪ 곩{}yp, v d"}Q E[갩 rD %갩dg 곩g{, %[} ypxg |{ }yp y}Q dr}Q dpd\{Ⱕ U{ |{. %[ Ay} I}Qy {XX ⰰⰰK{My, a\ ⰽ{P p} p ``v'' U}Qp{ dd" %dֵ y. dd" { g[갩 v, g}Q dpd곪v. %{D x}Q gZ, uXg 12 ggⰻK{My갩 pyd" p{{ %} 곩m}. } 곩{y갩 U[ }vⰷ g |X? og uXg 26 g. pyd" p 곩g 곩m}}Q g ⰰ{ dyK d}ⰶ[ A 곩k}}Q rD sD{Mp. py{[M{Mp ~p갩]p o b}[ yK}pⰻK{M}}곩. ogⷳ, E}Q 45 g[ yK}gⷰ 곩{M.

ypXg yX{[ % AK. p pu d}[ M. A. , English %|X~d} d d , English ⰶ[ { dd" d ~ZKg}Q g{M. Ay ZⰪy}[{Mp } dsD, gg {Xѩ {XX d, y}Q Ef ⰰXL} 2 g { yK}{M. y} ~Zds{M ~Kdg pr{ { gp|} yK Īkΰ{, ~Q u}곪g }W ʩ} }vⰻK{M. g{ %갩d{[p y}Q ַX Qy ~p갩]p}}Q s %갩d yZ vdꪱ A. okg XD}}[ }v{ Ƶ]d}Qv W} o A}Q }pⷰ %dֵ dRdsDyK. ypX yK u}, W}{[ g %갩d {ꩵ ~Z , pyd" pv {ⷰ 2 p ~p갩]p⥵p{W}p %g y{Mp.

``} O} , o %갩d m yⰪ Materialisticd". ~Z~k{[, Dg sD[{, yg }pg gⷰ dv E[{ UD m} }pyK Ep곩g, E[ m}, %p dpg}, dp p}, ⪬gy {, Ap} g곱Tp{y k귰[yKp. d곲Tp m} z....''

``%[ d곩 ypⰰ, } m dk"K E{M. `E{[ og U[p }귳 dp s, Video DVD E{. Refrigerator yK Microwave oveng pr uK A{'%y, }d" ⰳp dp 곩gyK. A{p dprQ[ }vⰰ Zg yZ U[g ED. %{ Materialistic %]?''

~p갩]p} {M g}d" y곩 E[ U}Qy ypX %갩d}Qp }vd kp{[ %|}}Q XdK~{}Q ⰰ{yK ``%갩d}Qg x apd. x, x.... x{ { ⷰ |XƷ[. E[ x E[{} x{ }....''

~p갩]p ⰰⰰ }gyK ``g{Z, }Q g}}Q o {ꩵd" dd %y ED~sDM[, A kp O}? }b {ΰM?'' U{ kvΰ{. ypX O} d{ y곩k{, d ~vⰻKp{}Q dv ~p갩]p g⪫p, ``E[ m}g gⷰ pֻZ ⰻK{ d x ~֬yKp. %{p[ y~R}? py{[ U[p }Xg}X? p{Z y} yⰪ xy %y ~Zkp {Z, "g 곩g곩 %p d"}Q d~v곩d Body guard }Q ErDd곩d. yK d{D p{_ yp[ %y UJ Q} %yK, gv} kp Agg ~Zdⰶ[ e{yK}...''.

~d}[ ]R pgd곪v pⷰ } rD pg ֪ |}⬪{ E{M Ep }g ~ {g %p }vd}Q {ΰ{Mp. u} A+pX{ ``ETg pgv }Kg 곩{y dxyK. g Ⱚ{py d곪v yvK E{Mp'' %{. ``d d{Z |} Ag {. yg곪v 곩 dK'', %{p p{W.

``%XX, d d{Z yKD AgKp. yJp곩, ~}d}곩 drD ETp y} y~ . dⰪy v!'' U{p u}. ETp %g }ⰶ[ }d"p.

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``} O} py{[ }W m} apr, p, b yKg }d }g$. }, K %}Q{ E[. Please, Thank you, Excuse me %}Q %z p d}Qv{ ~{g E[ %ycK....''.

``Please, Thank you %{ yd_x AgcK?'' ~p갩]p} %~Zgd" ~Z %~Z곩gd" { {, ypX ``}Wy p {ꩵ{ }Q Epp}Q, E[ d m}gy yk dxyKpy? o {ꩵ UD ⬪p, o { } }d dv Uz %}''. |}⬪{ W}{ ypX.

``o {} U X %갩d {ꩵ{ yZ ]yK[. Eک mgK}[ Xp } E{. E{ {ꩵ"y XKy]d" ⪱{ %uC}. } o {} }~{[ E[ }p UD m} p⻩p ~ A{Mp? E{[ %갩d} g % pp fX O} dз[. yK } } uKgⰻK{. {} kp}Q 곩ⰻKp g d d}Qgp, yưp}Q d}rd⬪{ ed{ ~ZⰻQⰻKpy...''.

p{W}p { ``E}Q} 15 ư{[ Nr ypgyK{. U{M ddַ y{d\''. U{ o ydd" }֪ dⷰ ~ZⰻQ{p. o ETp[ d E}Q dp⶷[.

g⪫p |]ⰶ[ ypX { ``a{ y K, d곩~d\v. E[g { {p[ } 곩{My } ~b AgTdyK %y }}Q %~Z. E[} Gun, ViolenceI, DrugI kp e, E{ pX{L xJ d" ⰰ ypx %y }}g %[''.

``a{}곪{ dַ{[ }} g }⪲{M. 곩{ }} pyd" sdDg }}Q yg ΰy. }} 25 g { rDy갩 E[, py. {ΰ{ U{. %[} Pub, night club, Discog pg p? ⰰd ⰰp %[? }곩v, drD{ⰶ[ 곩gg E[ %dֵg. py{ⷳ[ %dֵg. Xp, %Xp E[ E{Mp. py{ⷳ[ E{Mp. }}Q d{p py{[ Ag %갩d{[ Ag } }W d"}Q Zΰ{ { g{[ %p[ }⪲d Evd. %{p 갩 {k......... ! y O}{p py{[ ⰰd, ⰰp Blue Jeans, MTV, Rap music, Night Club dance ED~vKp. E[} d" ]p dưu, Щy, py}rX Ey{p[ AK....''

ⰰж} dph }{ d ~p갩]p y}Q x}Q |X{[ [ o ⰶ[ p{{ з ypⰷ 곩{.

``Oh! you. Come in. Come in'' U{ ]gyK ``Jyothi, Jason is here'' U{ % pưg dy d{.

``I will be there in a jiffy. Please ask him to have a seat'' U{ uX p IyKp.

o 6' 2 UyKp{ yp p 2628 b} f ~X p{ Ivg, Metal frame d}Qvd}Q |, XL}y dx %갩d} vg}}Q }b}[ %y vy dJ 갩{ dg }곩vyK ypX ``Your good name again? ''U{.

``Oh! Jason, Jason King.''

~pRp s ⷰ p{Md" d_~ dy ``I am sorry, Jason this is my boyhood friend from India, Seetharamaiah'' u}Q} U{M ypX} d dⰷdyK ``It is a pleasure Sir '' U{.

``Your name sounds like an Indian name '' U{ }gyK ``Sounds like Jayasimha. May be, if you don't object, I like to call you Jayasimha''.
p}gyK ``If that is easy for you, it is OK with me.''
``Jayasimha, what do you do? Working? Studying? Or both?''
``Well, I just finished my Masters in Sociology and presently Working on my Doctorate.''

uX %Dp[ {, ``}"p %d, ``Walk yK?'' U}QyK ``Hi Jason'' U{ %} dy. ypX ``So you are going to be a Doctor? ''. uX }gyK ``Yes, By title, not by profession'' U{. d d_xg }yp % O} ⰻKp U{ { Ay} }d". ``I believe, just like in India one has to be in the top of the classes to get into medical college in America also'' U{ ypX }⳻ y곩yK.

``Well, Jason graduated from Magna cum Laude and was classes valedictorian. He could have easily got into med school, if he wanted to'' U{ uX u}g ꪱ dvy. ypXg o kp{[ E}Q d ~ZQg. g{p oy Medical College 곩gpⷰ E}Q} %vk? ``Not everyone can afford 4-6 years of Medical education, I am sure it runs into a lot of expense...''

uX %{d" IyKp {Ppy ``That is true. I don't think that was an issue in Jason's case'' U{. ~p갩]p yK ypXg yZ %zg U{ ``E} %~R d곩X]p}{M. oy} df}ⰶ[ y p, dX}g}Q o {ꩵ{[ a{ %[, p p {ꩵgg pK vKp. x{ dpy O} oyз[.''

E{}Q d o }X} kp{}Q y~R N y} d{ ⰳ ~ZQg }} ⰰ d곪v. uX ypX} ~L}Q gⰾ o d"}Q {ΰyK,
``Uncle Jason is going to India in January. He is planning on staying there for a few months,'' U{.

``Few months? I don't know about that Jayasimha? You sure may find it difficult to get to the people, overcrowding and pollution there. My friend Parameshwara here who is born and raised in India finds it difficult to stay longer than 3-4 weeks at a time, you don't know India.''

``I do know a little about India'' ~Z~֬ |]ⰶ[ IyK{ u} ``I was there few years ago for 8 weeks. As anywhere, though I encountered a few bad characters, generally, I found people in India were very congenial and generous, always willing to help. As far as overcrowding, that is what makes the country so vibrant, Pollution is a problem the country is trying to overcome and with the population as it is, it has been a struggle and I can cope with it''

aT %갩d} ⰰd y}Q{p { {ꩵ}Q ~Z~֬ ⰼ d\Kp{}Q d A+ A+.

``What are you doing in India all that time? ''
``I am going to spend at least couple of month setting up a general Clinic for the poor in a rural village about 60 miles from Bangalore in co-operation with Rotary Club and Government of Karnataka to fulfil my dad's wishes. Then I would like to travel from one end of the country to the other studying various cultures and languages. Jyothi has been a great help teaching me about what I should know and do when I am there.''

ypXg, %갩d{[ o  XK s vp, E[ py{ kp{[ o  } Ep m} Epp U{ Up⶷[. u} yK uX U{M y ``We have to get moving, Nice to have met you sir. Hope to see you again before you leave. Good Night'', U{ p prp.

gvg ڷgv} p {M }yp Ⱚy ~p갩]p⥵p{W}p } }f}ⰶ[ XM. A+pX{ p{W yK u} %g}ΰ{ { }곩vyKp. ]R 곻K} { dg kk vⰻK{M ~p갩]p yK ypX {g {y d{Mp. %zg{, ``O} ETp g Ⱚd d⳻p. %갩d yK E Xg}Q[ ~p K sDp곩 yp dxyK. }ک Nr yp{''. U{p p{W ETp}Q OyK.

``}ƱTp ED "p{p U d"y %pd곪v ֬ⰻKp{ {g dK %y dxyK'' ypX} {Py. ``}W ygg d yⷰⷰ o m}}Q dK }곩v''.
``", dugg UD UD xJ 곻Kp, UD bp, hgꩶ { }g }X g d pyK %y 곩d Ag[''.

``{ ~p갩, ~dRy ~d_~y{, {p~Z{ %d{[ }g U[ dt곩p dx gyK{. }W %|dp{ ~p}Q ~p }g %g곩kp{M {d" dxJ yp{ dxX, o m''. ETp Wΰ{ y{p.

``}}곪{ K, ~p갩]p, p{W y~R "''. g⪫p|]ⰶ[ {p. u}. ``W }{p A{⬪{ m O}{Z uX} aR { Agd %{Z, yrdҥrd %}Q{ W} aRd곪v . W yK W p p m}W ~xX %y"v .''

A }ַ" m}p 갩 }곩vyK ``U[ A ~pyW} %}gZ!'' U{ d ⰰ{p.

: v %]z }px p, Àâ°°ÙX Éâª~Ö{âdâpâ°, ÀÖ¸Ëdâ ÉÖþyâX ~â»Zdê Àâ°yâ°K ÀâÃÖÊ %|âXdâ_pâ°, ΰ d}Qv h, ΰ, ưb, %갩d.